MediaStyle is now Emdash

3 min readMay 4, 2022


Our team is excited to share our new name and vision for how our work will continue to be a force for good.

As of today, we are Emdash. We help progressives — and only progressives — reach their audiences. We do this through strategy, design, and content that make a positive change in the world.

A small agency focused on big impact

When I joined this agency 10 years ago, I was drawn to the fact that I could contribute my skills to make change, through advancing ideas and policies that I personally believe in. Our team of strategists and designers feel the same way. It’s a big reason we do great work, and it’s the reason why folks like working with us.

Now leading the firm, I want to double down on the things that make us look forward to going to work every day. That means working exclusively with those who share our values.

After all, we are not a big box agency, and we don’t aspire to be. We choose our friends carefully. As a small agency, we can choose to take on only campaigns and causes that truly inspire us.

We stand with those fighting for climate and gender justice. We believe in supporting Indigenous leadership and doing our part in the process of decolonization and reconciliation. We know a better future can be achieved through education, research, and innovation. We approach our work with empathy, and a will to collaborate to help achieve our clients’ goals.

We approach projects with creativity and curiosity. We work quickly and passionately. We treat your cause as our own, because it is.

Why a new name?

We have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years. We are doing more strategy work, and while the media is always part of it, our toolbox is bigger than that. The design side of our work is also more sophisticated, as we are trusted to build out full brand identities and campaigns.

At the same time, the company is now 100% woman-owned (that’s me!) and it is time for our brand to reflect a new vision for how we want to support fellow progressives in the years to come.

Why Emdash?

After a process that yielded more than 150 name options, Emdash quickly rose to the top of the list. When we read that The New York Times said “[you] might call it the bad boy, or cool girl, of punctuation” it was the perfect flavour of nerdy for us.

Think about using an em-dash.

It’s an interrupter — just like how so many of our friends want to change the conversations taking place in the halls of power.

It’s a connector — just like the network of friends and partners we’ve developed over the years of doing good work for good people.

We are Emdash.

What does this mean?

We are still a strategy, design, and content agency, and we will keep doing the things we’ve been excelling at for nearly 15 years. That means collaborating with folks like:

  • Indigenous-led organizations
  • Nonprofits, associations, and NGOs
  • Charities and foundations
  • Education and research organizations
  • The labour movement

The best ideas often come from those who have been pushed aside, which includes many of the folks listed above. We want to work with progressives to change the conversation.

If you share our values, then get in touch. Your story deserves to be told.

Caitlin Kealey (she/her) is the CEO of Emdash, a strategy, design, and content agency for progressives — and only progressives.




Strategy, design, and content for progressives — and only progressives.